Epic failure for Prada models

Sorry I haven’t written in a few days, I’m amidst a slightly painful job transition. Tomorrow’s my last day at my old day, and I get a little time off before I start my new one. But I digress.

Two days ago in Milan, Miuccia Prada  was showcasing her collection of crushed silks and two models fell on the runway. Both look like they were pretty painful falls.





Model down!

Model down! But at least her dress is fab.

The falls are attributed the ridiculous five-inch heels they had to wear on the runway. I understand the necessity to put these girls in big girl shoes occasionally to help show off the clothes, but these are too much. If professional runway models can’t walk in a straight line in these things, how do they expect normal women to trapse around the streets with them on? They must have noticed models tripping up in these monstrosities at dress rehearsals . Unless they didn’t have a dress rehearsal (gasp!). Makes no sense.

On top of that, I doubt any fashion show attendees really want to witness an ankle breaking within 20 feet of their faces. I’ve had a severe sprain myself (due to my own clumsiness, not really the fault of the shoes I was donning) and it ain’t pretty. So Prada, get it together! If the shoes don’t work, use different ones.



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